Thank God It’s Monday Day

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Thank God It’s Monday Day

National Thank God It’s Monday Day is celebrated on the first Monday of the new year. It encourages us to celebrate the first Monday of the new year with vigor and energy.

As a schoolchild once complained: “Mondays are bad enough, but why do they have to be at the start of the week?” It’s no easier for the workers of the world: on average, we struggle to the office for over 2,000 working Mondays to see the same glum faces.

But if everyone takes the step together, Thank God It’s Monday Day shows us what working life could be like. A charity bake sale, a team lunch, or even a stroll around the block – with no talking business! – can raise morale. Many companies help organize a trip or a learning day: activity, music, and the visual arts stimulate our minds more than we realize.

The day is often celebrated in early January when, for many, the return from holidays makes spirits slump. Children and parents can play an equal part even if you’re not a high-fives-at-the-breakfast-table family. And many teachers, secretly as gloomy as anyone else, will need little encouragement to make “back to school” a special, fun day.

Thank God It’s Monday Day is about seeing Monday as a positive rather than a negative day. After all, while Monday can be a struggle for a lot of people, it can help to try and see this day from a different perspective. After all, Monday is typically a day of new beginnings. Couples typically get married on weekends, and so a Monday represents the start of their new lives together. New jobs often start on Mondays. There are also a lot of public holidays that take place on Mondays, meaning that there are usually special events happening on Mondays throughout the year.

When you consider that one-seventh of our lives will be spent on a Monday, you see why it is vital to start seeing the good on a Monday rather than the bad. Throughout the year, you will have at least 52 Mondays (sometimes 53!). This is 52 opportunities to spend time with people you love and to meet new people. There are 52 chances to learn a new skill or see a beautiful sunrise. These are all things that we can be thankful for.

Amazing things that have happened on Mondays

To help you see just how amazing Monday can be, let’s take a look at some of the awesome things that have happened on a Monday.

  • Cyber Monday– Where else to begin than with a bargain? In the United States, the Monday after the Thanksgiving Holiday became known as Cyber Monday. This is a day that has gained popularity all over the world. You will find some of the best discounts of the year online on this date. Online retailers will offer amazing deals, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture a great bargain. And, who doesn’t love a bargain?
  • Nutella was invented– Yes, that’s right, the very first jar of Nutella left a factory in Alva, which is a very small town in Piedmont, Italy, and after this, the world was blessed with the chocolate and hazelnut goodness that is Nutella. Now, tell me you don’t love Mondays!
  • YouTube was born on a Monday– Last but not least, Monday was the day when it became possible to search for cute cat videos online! This is because YouTube was born on Monday, the 14th of February in 2005!

Thank God It’s Monday Day was created by Dorothy Zjawin of New Jersey’s Roselle Park. She created this occasion to give some recognition to the beginning of the week in general. She wanted people to see that Monday is a day of opportunity and that it is something to be thankful for.

Thank God It’s Monday Day Dates

Year Date
2022 January 3
2023 January 2
2024 January 1
2025 January 6
2026 January 5
2027 January 4
2028 January 3
2029 January 1
2030 January 7

Thank God It’s Monday Day

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