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Toy Camera Day is the yearly event that honors the ridiculous photo-taking capacity of outdated toy cameras. This festive occasion is celebrated on the third Saturday of October, with minor exceptions, mainly because the inventor at feels like it.

Becky Ramotowski’s idea was inspired by Pinhole Photography Day, because she believed that, quite frankly, there weren’t enough terrible nostalgic pictures on the Internet.

To that end, the creator dedicated an entire website to the 120 and Polaroid film, low-fidelity, blurry picture-spewing cameras. Diana and Holga cameras are flagship mediocre toy cameras that are featured extensively on the website in the hope of urging amateur photographers to share their amazingly poor-quality creations.

To celebrate WTCD, search your children’s room for that run-down Brownie toy camera which has witnessed enough silliness to last it a lifetime and take photos from dawn to dusk so that just maybe, just maybe, you may have one discernible composition to share with the folks at

History of World Toy Camera Day

Becky Ramotowski invented this day (WTCD). She established the third Sunday of every October to mark the celebration of this day. The creator of the day took the idea from World Pinhole Photography Day. She believed that there weren’t enough terrifying nostalgic pictures on the web. To end it, she dedicated an entire website to the 120 and Polaroid film, low-fidelity, blurry picture-spewing cameras. Her idea was a worldwide annual event that uses toy cameras to shoot endless rolls of 120 and Polaroid film.

Toy Camera Day

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