Watermelon Day


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Watermelon Day

Watermelon Sugar High? The song comes to mind that aptly explains how watermelon feels when you eat a chilled dice of it i.e. sweet, juicy and absolutely delicious.  A watermelon juice on a summery day is like hydrating a dead soul, it gives instant coolness and refreshes your system.

Celebrating a Watermelon Day seems only fair as no other fruit beats the heat as a watermelon does.


There’s nothing like beating the heat with summertime’s most refreshing fruit, celebrated on National Watermelon Day on August 3.

Learn about Watermelon Day

Well, the concept behind Watermelon Day is a very simple one; it is all about celebrating this tasty and delicious fruit. Watermelon is a type of fruit that is enjoyed all around the world. Not only does it taste delicious, but it offers a lot of nutritional benefits as well, so you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying as much watermelon as you want, which is always a plus!

There are a lot of different benefits that are associated with eating watermelon. This includes the fact that it is a good way of keeping the body hydrated, which is extremely beneficial for those of you out there who do not like drinking water. The high water content in watermelons means you’re going to get a good dose of water every time that you consume this fruit. In fact, did you know that watermelon is 92 percent water? What’s even better is that a high water content helps you to feel full. Therefore, you can eat watermelon and you won’t feel hungry afterward. The combination of fiber and water that is in this fruit means you get a good volume of food without a lot of calories at all.

Another benefit associated with watermelon is all of the beneficial plant compounds and nutrients that it contains. Watermelon is one of the lowest fruits in terms of calories, yet it is one of the best in terms of the nutrients that it delivers. It provides three percent of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) in terms of vitamins B6, B5, and B1. It also offers four percent of your RDI of magnesium, as well as five percent of your RDI of potassium, 18 percent of your RDI of vitamin a, and 21 percent of your RDI of Vitamin C.

Watermelon has also proven to be beneficial in terms of your digestion. Watermelon contains a lot of water, as well as a small amount of fiber, and both of these are vital in terms of healthy digestion. Water helps to keep your digestive tract moving in an effective manner while fiber can provide bulk for your stool. If you eat fruits that are rich in both fiber and water, it can be very beneficial in terms of promoting healthy and normal bowel movements. This is also important in ensuring that you feel comfortable and you don’t feel blocked up throughout the day.

History of Watermelon Day

Whether it is the more than 90% water in the fruit or the sweet flavor that explodes in your mouth with every bite, this fruit lives up to a crowned ‘favorite fruit’ of children the world over.

Even the seeds are an enjoyment, spitting them has become a contest between family, friends, and neighbors. But even the seeds do not detract from this wondrous fruit, merely giving us a reason to open our mouths for yet another bite of the succulent melon.


There are 300 different kinds of watermelon in the US and Mexico and every size and type of watermelon is enjoyed on National Watermelon Day.

Sugary and scrumptious they are the go-to fruit for summertime. Best enjoyed outdoors, watermelon-eating contests and seed-spitting contests are a tradition. As they consist of 90% water, smoothies, sherbets, cocktails, and other beverages are concocted from watermelons, today, and desserts featuring watermelon as the main ingredient are also prepared.

Learning how to pick a ripe watermelon is an art and a tradition. Many people utilize National Watermelon Day as an opportunity to educate themselves or others on how to tell whether a watermelon is ripe.


1.      You can eat the entire watermelon

Watermelon rinds are mostly discarded, but they are actually edible with multiple health benefits.

2.      Watermelons come in many varieties

In fact, there are 1200 different watermelon varieties but the four main classifications are seeded seedless, yellow, and icebox.

3.      Watermelons can grow to be huge!

The Guinness World Record for the bulkiest watermelon ever was grown by Tennessee-based Chris Kent in 2013 and it weighed 350.5 pounds.

4.      Watermelons can prevent cancer

Watermelons are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been proven to reduce the risk of some types of cancers such as lung, gastro, and prostate cancer.

5.      Watermelons are grown in different shapes in Japan

Farmers in Japan have been growing watermelons in the shape of cubes for 40 years now, achieved by cultivating them in square-shaped boxes — watermelons in the shape of pyramids, hearts, and human faces have also recently been perfected and sold as novelty products.

So how about saying cheers to the Watermelon Day in the literal sense!

Watermelon Day

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