Weatherperson’s Day


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Quick! Look out your window, what is the weather like? Go on! Go look. Is it doing what your weatherperson told you before you left the house this morning? I hope you had positive results on our little quiz! Most city’s television stations have not just one weatherperson like in the past, but highly trained meteorologist’s that form a weather team. Their accuracy has become a thing of pride and highly competitive with the others in town.

History of Weatherperson’s Day

Weatherperson’s Day helps to honor those who work in the field of meteorology from the storm spotters to the people you see on camera. Did you know that the history of measuring weather in the United States of America goes back to 1774? John Jefferies is one of the first to make weather observations and record them. He did this every day and helped to make it something of importance. Jefferies was also the first to fly in a balloon over the city of London. This flight had the purpose of collecting scientific data on the weather at higher altitudes. This was valuable information for scientific study in the field of meteorology. There are many throughout the years who have made a mark on the field, but Jefferies was the first in this long line.


  1. They help us plan our day

    It’s hard to imagine leaving the house in the morning without checking to see if it’s predicted to rain or if we need to bring a jacket.  Not to mention finding out if some major weather event is threatening our safety.  Thank goodness we have our friendly weatherperson to let us know what to expect so we aren’t caught unprepared.

  2. Predicting the weather is cool science

    From the early days of the thermometer and barometer to today’s use of advanced radar and satellites, science and technology have made some amazing tools available to meteorologists and weather enthusiasts to predict the weather.

  3. Weatherpeople save lives

    Knowing a major weather event is coming has saved countless lives.  From preparing your home for a storm, to staying off the roads due to major evacuations, our weatherpeople are using their knowledge and insights to keep us prepared and safe.


Year Date Day
2021 February 5 Friday
2022 February 5 Saturday
2023 February 5 Sunday
2024 February 5 Monday
2025 February 5 Wednesday

Weatherperson’s Day

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