World Calligraphy Day


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The second Wednesday of August is the day where art meets handwriting. Nibs ready, it’s World Calligraphy Day!

Poets believe there is beauty within the flow of words. Similarly, calligraphers find beauty assembling those words on paper in an artistic and beautiful fashion.  Furthermore, calligraphers design words in a harmonious, almost romantic elegance, respectively.

Calligraphy is an ancient art form that is one of the oldest forms of communication. Interestingly, calligraphy first appears as early as 200 BC in China.  Additionally, this historic art form is apparent in almost every region of the world as the main source of manuscript writing and communication.

World Calligraphy Day permits specialists and amateurs to meet up to examine, practice, and find out about the specialty of calligraphy. This occasion started through the Pen Museum and the Manuscript Pen Company; the Pen Museum is a gallery devoted to showing the craft of calligraphy and the Manuscript Pen Company being a workmanship retailer spends significant time in calligraphy items. Every year, the Pen Museum gets specialists from various schools of workmanship and lets guests who go to the gallery figure out how to start calligraphy and the various styles of craftsmanship that exist. World Calligraphy Day praises this workmanship in its set of experiences and urges others to take part and find out about this fine art.


World Calligraphy Day

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