World Cancer Day

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It is hard to find a person in society today that has not been touched by cancer in some way, either directly or indirectly. World Cancer Day hopes to honor those who are fighting and those who have been lost to this dreadful disease. Take a moment and sit with me while I tell you about this unique day of remembrance and determination. I promise you’ll understand the day more and be ready to take your part in helping others so that perhaps one day there will be some in society that is not touched by cancer.


World Cancer Day is observed worldwide on February 4. The aim is to inform and encourage people on its prevention, early detection, and treatment. This initiative was taken by the Union for International Cancer Control to campaign and advocate for the targets of the World Cancer Declaration, penned in 2008.

History of World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is a fairly new holiday to bring light to this age-old disease. At the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in Paris, this day was formally organized by what is called the Paris Charter. The charter was created with many goals. The Paris charter aimed at promoting research for prevention and cure for cancer. Also, the charter hopes to bring awareness and change to the services provided to patients. They knew that increased awareness and information would help to mobilize the global community to help combat cancer. In the spirit of this charter, World Cancer Day was created.

With the advent of World Cancer Day, it was hoped that it would keep the Paris Charter in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. The goals and ideals of the Charter will never be lost as long as there is even just one person to celebrate the day.


  1. It has a staggering death toll rate

    It has a staggering death toll rate Every year, 9.6 million die from cancer.

  2. It can be prevented.

    About one-third of common cancers are preventable and treatable.

  3. It is a major cause of death

    Cancer is the second most common cause of death around the world.

  4. Income is a factor

    70% of deaths by cancer occur in lower-income countries.

  5. It doesn’t just physically take its toll.

    The total economic cost of cancer annually is around $1.16 trillion.


Year Date Day
2021 February 4 Thursday
2022 February 4 Friday
2023 February 4 Saturday
2024 February 4 Sunday
2025 February 4 Tuesday

World Cancer Day

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