World Duchenne Awareness Day


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One of the best ways we can help to fight diseases and to ensure that people get speedy diagnoses and efficient treatments is to help boost the awareness of them.

The more people know about different diseases and health conditions, then the more likely they will be to get medical help and treatment before it’s too late. This is why World Duchenne Awareness Day is so important to the sufferers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

This day takes place annually and always has a different focus. For instance, the day was recently themed around standards of care. So, not only is it helping to raise the public’s awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy on the whole, but this yearly focus helps to put an aspect of the condition and its treatment in the spotlight.

As part of World Duchenne Awareness Day, one of the main aims is to help educate the parents and families of children with the illness. They can then improve their knowledge of the disease and ensure that they provide the best care possible.

History Of World Duchenne Awareness Day

Even though World Duchenne Awareness Day has only been going since 2014, it has since made a huge impact and helped to improve the lives of thousands of people who have the condition.

Since its inception, the day is now celebrated around the world thanks to the support of many global charities. In fact, the day has become such a big deal that it is now under the patronage of the European Union Parliament and has also been supported by Pope Francis.

World Duchenne Awareness Day

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