World Poetry Day


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Poetry can change how people view the world, inspire others, mend the bonds between people, and create harmony with one another.

However, poetry, too many, can be considered a dying art in a world filled with technology and more advanced ways of conveying messages of art and beauty.

World Poetry Day aims to appreciate the sentiment that poetry can create, form meaningful relationships, and expand one’s mind about history and cultures.

Learn about World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day takes place every year to promote the teaching of poetry, as well as the publishing, writing, and reading of this form of writing around the world. UNESCO declared it in 1999, and they stated that their purpose for creating this day was:

“with the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard.”

They also stated in their original declaration that World Poetry Day was about giving fresh impetus and recognition to international, regional, and national poetry movements.

All in all, this is a day that is designed to inspire and educate, as well as give poets all around the world recognition for their creative brilliance!

History of World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day was conceived during the 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999. Those at the conference had the ambition to support the growth of linguistic diversity through poetics and help increase awareness of endangered and dying so they can be heard.

World Poetry Day also honors poets, revives the practice of poetry recitals, and promotes poetry as a form of art that connects people to their humanity. With generations upon generations of poets and time periods to choose from, poetry can gain insight into the ideas and feelings of that time.

By also attending poetry recitals, people can experience the languages that words and emotions are spoken through and experience emotional bonds with others.

World Poetry Day is hosted by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, a subsection of the United Nations that promotes the advancement of culture through effort, communication, and passion.

World Poetry Day is annually celebrated by schools, organizations, libraries, and publishers all over the globe through teaching about poets, styles of poetry, and the languages that they’re read through.

Throughout the day, people host festivals, talk about their favorite poets and learn about the different ways that poetry can be written and spoken. UNESCO also offers social media kits and other resources to help those around the world learn about how to read poetry and understand its meaning in day-to-day life.


  1. Poems are for everyone!

    Sometimes people hesitate to try out poetry, thinking it can be hard to understand. But have no fear—there’s a poem out there for you! Thinking about simplifying your life and taking some time to relax? Read the works of Henry David Thoreau. Need to read something about triumph and overcoming adversity? Try Maya Angelou. Need something a little silly to remind you of your childhood? Check out Shel Silverstein: “If you’re a bird, be an early bird. But if you’re a worm, sleep late.”

  2. Poetry is all around us!

    Are you a big fan of music? Then you’re a secret poetry fan! The cadence and rhythms of poetry are just like those of your favorite pop song or rap. With a few extra beats and melodies behind it, songs convey emotional messages and meanings, just like poetry. They even employ many of the same writing devices, like metaphors and alliteration.

  3. It starts a new generation of poetry lovers

    On World Poetry Day, teachers and classrooms around the world take time to celebrate poems and poets and get their students excited about the writing style. Poetry competitions, poetry slams, and readings are held to let new, and emerging poets try out their work and showcase their talents!


Year Date Day
2021 March 21 Sunday
2022 March 21 Monday
2023 March 21 Tuesday
2024 March 21 Thursday
2025 March 21 Friday

World Poetry Day

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