World Product Day


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World Product Day

World Product Day is an annual event to celebrate our craft and community, which is celebrated on the 27th day each year in May.

Products are one of the main aspects of businesses everywhere that helps keep people moving and the economy growing. However, how products are developed and how resources are used can be a tricky thing to understand, especially in the global context.

If you work in an industry where your products affect the lives of individuals each day or are just looking to understand how the product industry works, then check out the holiday known as World Product Day, a day dedicated to helping others share their experiences in the economy through their company jobs. Help make World Product day popular by learning more about it!

World Product Day started as a way to celebrate the anniversary of Mind the Product, a company that works towards bringing people together to share their experiences selling, manufacturing, and developing products. According to their website, began in 2010 in London and has since been managing informal meetup events all over the world in over 140 cities. Mind the Product aims to help raise awareness of how product management impacts the global economy. Because 2018 is the first year that World Product Day began on, Mind the Product has been working towards bringing the concept of products into discussion.

What is Mind the Product?Β Mind the Product is the biggest produce management community in the world. The community holds regular local ProductTank meet-ups in more than 200 cities across the globe. They also host conferences, workshops, and training events. Annual events occur in places such as Hamburg, Singapore, San Francisco, and London. They are considered the go-to events for meeting other product developers, designers, and product managers, and honing your product craft.

World Product Day

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