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Students are the future. These are the people and the minds that are going to take our countries forward. No matter their background or their field of study, we should always celebrate those who want to further their knowledge, with a lot of students going to great lengths to do so.

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World’s Students’ Day is the perfect opportunity for us to pay honor to the students of the world. From all corners of the globe, students are working hard to achieve their career goals and make a difference. Some students leave their families and travel far and wide to have a place in a university that will help them to have a better life and provide for their loved ones. This is something that we should definitely honor and celebrate.

While student life is difficult for everyone, there is no denying that international students face a number of challenges. This includes homesickness, cultural differences, currency differences, financial troubles, and language barriers.

Whereas a lot of local students are able to fully concentrate on their studies and making new friends, international students have plenty of other barriers that they need to overcome as well. When most students are able to go home to see their family and friends, students from overseas do not have this luxury. Also, a lot of home students get financial aid in the form of loans and grants, which is not always available to those that have come from abroad.

Plus, in some countries whereby living costs and wages are low, it can be a huge challenge for students to then adapt financially to a new country where it may be more expensive. All of this can put extra strain on the student’s shoulders, which is the last thing that you need when you are trying to achieve good grades. When you take all of this into account, it is not difficult to see why we should celebrate all students, especially those who have gone to great lengths in order to attain further education.

History of World Students’ Day

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World Students’ Day is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity and cooperation among students across the globe. Though originally a day of commemoration of the more than 1,200 students from the University of Prague whose lives were taken in WWII, World Students’ Day has become an occasion for universities the world over to boast their masses of international students, and the good they do for the local community.

World Students’ Day

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