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If you’re a fan of little green men, you’re going to be stoked for World UFO Day. One of these days we just know that we’re going to finally meet our neighbors in the universe, and that day will be phenomenal beyond imagining. Whether they’re flying around in saucer shaped vessels, or something more akin to the massive ships we’ve seen in Independence Day, their arrival is going to change the way everyone views the universe. Let’s just hope they’re friendlier than those tentacled beasties from Independence Day!

History of World UFO Day

World UFO Day was organized by in 2001, and was put together to bring together enthusiasts of UFO’s and the evidence they’ve all gathered to support their existence. Knowing that the possibility that we’ll one day encounter other intelligent life in the universe is practically 100%, they knew it was vital that people started having the dialogue about their arrival long before there was accepted proof that they arrived.

Many of them believe they already have arrived, and anyone who knows anything about UFO’s is aware of the stories of abductions and what is seen as the seminal event in UFO history, the crash at Roswell. While they believe that the governments of the world are presently hiding this information from the populace, this in no way discourages believers from continuing to search for the truth they’re certain is out there.


Nuremberg Sightings

A broadsheet reports widespread sightings of a celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg.

July 1947
The Roswell Incident

Farmers in Roswell, New Mexico report hearing a large crash, and later citizens recover wreckage of what is purported to be a flying saucer.

Birth of ‘UFO’

The term ‘UFO’ for Unidentified Flying Object was coined by US Air Force officer Edward Ruppelt


Year Date Day
2021 July 2 Friday
2022 July 2 Saturday
2023 July 2 Sunday
2024 July 2 Tuesday
2025 July 2 Wednesday

World UFO Day

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